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Thanks for your response. I have been having trouble transistioning unarmed self-defense with armed self-defense. More specifically, I have been having trouble analyzing the commonality of the two. Gunfoo with Kungfu.
In armed self-defense you want distance because a) it's harder for the BG to grab your weapon and b) a trained shooter has the advantage in shooting from a distance.
In unarmed self-defense, generally you want to close in on your opponent, especially when they are armed so that you can try to disarm the BG so that you can bring your "weapons" to bear.

In armed self-defense, you need from time to time, to provide a stationary platform so that you can shoot from that position, especially when you have multiple targets.
In unarmed self-defense, you need to constantly move to present a smaller target and maneuver the BG's to get in each other's way,minimizing their efforts while maximizing yours.

In armed self-defense against armed BG's you should move from hard cover to another hard cover when opportunity permits to gain advantage over your opponent(s).
In unarmed self-defense, you want to disarm your opponent ASAP so that you can get tactical advantage over the other BG's.

In either case, when it looks like the S**t is about to hit the meatgrinder, you better have a hole card to get out!
In shooting, I hold my breath and let it out slow to calm myself down, in unarmed striking...sometimes kiiyai(shout), othertimes, short soft exhales.

In the military, in combat, I learned stationary and static ambushes...because of our small unit strength, we constantly hit and run, trying to draw the enemy into an ambush where you can use fire support to bring all weapons to bear or we used misdirection so that we can E & E.

In civilian self-defense where you must use a firearm to defend your life or someone else's, you find that you can only depend on your own skills...the cavalry takes too long to arrive (Not their fault...too much area, too many BG's, and TSHTF too fast.)
Anyway, for what it's worth, I'm still trying to learn...I've come a little way from checking out my house without my sidearm to having a sidearm holstered, to having it cocked and locked and ready to rock and roll.

That's why I joined this Website, to learn from those who have been there and have experiences that I can learn from.
Thanks for the help, Skorzeny.

Keep your powder dry and shoot straight.

Any other differences/similarities?
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