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Dragontooth 73,
You mentioned once in a thread a martial art concept that was the ultimate goal in Japanese martial arts?
You know, I was heavily into finding the "Ultimate" martial art in the old days, but I noticed this one punch -one kill;one strike-one kill concept in many arts, especially in karate, aikido, and iaido. I beleive Mas Oyama tried it in his fight with a bull?
It was stressed in Shotokan and Iaido (Live Blade) before the mid-60's, then they got into the tournament karate scene.
It was important for self-defense because it was truly a defensive, counter offensive technique...execute a good block and a reverse two knuckle punch in the right location. And if executed correctly, it was supposed to stop a fight with one move.
In iaido, it was even more noticeable because you waited for the real attack and you timed the cut and sidestep in one move. In the Kurosawa movie, "The Seven Samurai" you see this demonstrated when the two samurai had a duel, first with bamboo sticks, then with swords.
After some years of practice, you develop a calmness..sort of no fear and you're totally relaxed about it even though you are facing a life or death situation...a zen moment.

In gun self-defense, a martial artist should seek that same calmness. You develop an almost meditative state, you shut off the inner voice that is going a mile a minute, you shut off all the what-if's and you are ready.

After having been in real life battles, though, both in war and in the street, it is much harder to maintain the calmness as you are on the move and there are multiple attackers and the incoming stuff is sometimes from different angles, areas.
I have not yet entered gun classes or competitions, could some of you IDPA, IPSC folks, and others give us ideas as to how you practice and what type of mental state you feel you reach while you run and gun?
Also, can some of you post some of the feelings or comments about what I have written? It is what I have observed and what I have experienced...but I do not feel this is true for everyone.
Thanks in advance for your comments.
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