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Texas DPS switched from .45 ACP to .357 SIG after a single shooting in which .45 ACP failed to penetrate automotive components to reach and stop an attacker inside the cab of a tractor-trailer.
I've read this before in an article a few years back by M.Ayoob. It is the only instance that I can directly recall. It is also cited by some to show that the .357 Sig penetrates auto bodies and auto glass better than other current service rounds including the 9mm +P+ and the .40 S&W. I'm not sure that the one instance actually shows that.

For the last couple of decades the gauge of steel used in auto and truck bodies, when it is steel and it is not always steel, has been quite light and generally easy to penetrate with a number of handgun calibers as shown in the tests I referenced earlier. Of course if some other components of the vehicle are struck, motor for the electric window for example, there may be no penetration by any round. In a quartering shot bets are off.

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