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Thanks for the good posts, guys.

I have a friend that works in the middle of the riot zone, so when I asked him what if the mob stopped his vehicle and he had to do E & E...then what.
He had just gotten married at that time and his wife was an old time hippie (Peace and Love) She was so anti-killing of anything that had meat on it that she became a diehard vegetarian.
She said NYET to the gun because he might kill somebody with it.
When i asked her on many occasions, then she'd really rather sacrifice her husband over any perps who would try to kill him. She affirmed that she wouldn't want her husband to have bad Karma if he killed someone...he'd have trouble coming back as a beetle or something.
I talked to him alone before the marriage that she would be bad juju for his years later my friend received his official divorce papers. He's now back in the martial arts and is packing in the hood.

Several years later I saw his ex-wife...she is now a flesh eater and asked some advice about what handgun to purchase as she lives alone now....without hubby to protect her, but she was willing to throw his life away???? Go figure.
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