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I always have a Kel-tec P32 on me, a Kimber pro CDP on me or in the truck, and a Mini-14 in the truck. I only have one mag for the Kel-tec but there's extra ammo in the truck. There are two extra mags for the .45 and at least 100 rounds. The Mini has 4 mags with it (30 rounders) loaded with 25 rounds each and a bandoleer with 140 rounds on stripper clips. I also have a daypack in the truck with 3 MRE's, some snacks, extra cloths, a poncho, a Cold Steel Recon Tanto, and a Taurus 94 9-shot .22 and 200 rounds of ammo for it. Next to the day back are two canteens and some water purification pills and some clorox in a small bottle. From where I work, it would have to be really bad for me not to be able to drive home in a one ton diesel 4x4. If I did have to hoof it, it is only about seven miles.
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