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Fubsy and Secmat,
A good friend of mine (works in a Gunsmith shop) had loaded for bear and locked up most of the guns in the vaults in the shop when his girlfriend called from another city nearby and asked him to "Help"
Folks were starting to gather up near the store where she was manager...she locked up and sent the employees home, but she was by her lonesome without anything to arm herself. She called PD but they had problems of their own...yeah, right!...on the news they were busy reporting to the National Guard CP's, not protecting the public. There were no cops in sight.
He informed his boss,loaded up the car and went open carry to rescue her. He put the young lady in his car, while holding the banned assault shotgun in his hands and a bandolier of shells and took her home in front of the crowd. He made believe that he was giving commands to people inside the store, that the reinforcements were coming and for them to shoot the first vandal trying to break into the store.
One brick through the window after they left the vandalism of that store...and a very grateful girlfriend.
Glad to see that a good guy can pull a good bluff with good results.
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