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Originally Posted by Antipitas
Tennessee Gentleman, and several others would have us believe that the militia is a dead letter.
I would indeed. The militia that existed in 1789 and the 2A prefatory clause identified is no more.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
To that I give you United Airlines flight #93. Those people acted as and were the militia.
While very brave people they were not militia. I think we debated this once with a guy named Jon Roland when we explained that militia is a noun not a verb. A militia is a system that produces military units composed of ordinary citizens. It is not a mob with guns, a posse, or a group of folk that band together spontaneously for self defense purposes. Civic virtue is not militia either.

Justice Story was a learned man and so was Mr. Cooley and while their words are nice they do not represent the facts of what the militia in the US ever was.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
In such asymetric warfare, that we find ourselves in today, the need for the citizen militia still exists.
Here, we have some marginal agreement. I would say rather: In such asymetric warfare, that we find ourselves in today, the need for armed citizens still exist for self-defense. WIth more Ft. Hood "lone wolf" type incidents on the rise the need for civilians IMHO to be armed and trained in SD is necessary and I think the American People are beginning to see that. But that is not a militia and the danger we face with citizens being armed is that if not careful these citizens may actually hamper anti-terrorist actions by our LEOs and military.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
it seems as if at least one scholar agrees with the voluntary militias that were mostly disbanded after the severe scrutiny from the OK City bombing.
Those organizations you speak of are not militias but rather unauthorized paramilitary organizations.
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