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That reminds me of the time, that after meeting with a real estate agent at a spec house, a man cam staggering up to my car. He was carrying a large stone, about a 8" round rock. He threatened to chuck the rock through my windshield at me.

After trying to talk him out of it for a minute, I decided to bluff... I stepped out of the car and away from it. I pulled the pager/beeper off of my belt and told him that I would call the police on it.
The BG's response was, "You're kidding, right?"
I flicked the switch to make it beep and I proceeded to talk into it. I gave the beeper the man's physical description. I then told him, that I expected a black and white unit to respond in 2 minutes, then he would be arrested!

The last I saw of him was the man beating feet down the street after chucking the rock onto some poor guy's lawn.

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