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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LASur5r:
Sometimes we are caught off guard when the SHTF and you find yourself where you have to bluff your way out. What worked...what didn't?

For example, the neighborhood was going down hill fast, my parents decided to move. A good friend of mine called me a year later and he wanted to catch up on old times.
I picked him up from his house and we decided to go out to dinner.
We were cruisin' in my '58 Chevy, when up comes a newer, faster vehicle full of guys who obviously thought they owned the street...and they wanted us to pull over.
They were loudly choosing who they were going to beat up first. They said in no uncertain terms that they were going to beat us to within an inch of our lives.
Having no wish to check out the services of the local emergency hospital, I kicked it...sadly to say with my funds being low, my car needed a tuneup, the carb needed a replacement, etc...there was no get up and go.
I u-turned, but not wanting to get caught in a deadend street, I kept it on the main drag. The other car cut on the inside when I did a second wasn't fun and games could see the pack of guys not laughing and we saw what looked like pipes and at least two baseball bats. Their car was a ragtop and the top was down.
Seeing their pipes gave me an idea. I had to work my way through college so one of my many jobs was I had a couple of galvanized pipes in my car to change the irrigation systems of my customers.
The BG's were coming up fast on my right and I told my friend my idea...he shrugged. Reaching under the front seat, he came up with a two foot length of pipe and just as they were coming parallel to us, he made like he was cranking a round into the chamber of a shotgun and pointed it out the window.
From the other car we heard."Oh my god, it's a gun!...Get the H***! out of here!"
The driver nearly hit a telephone pole, trying to dodge the awaited shot from our car...he did go over a curb, though and they had sparks coming out as they hit the ground.
We gave up dinner, I dropped my friend off, and he looked tiredly at me to say, "You know, we really need to do this more often."
I took a different route home.

I had a similar thing happen to me. It suprising what you come up with when your out of options. I was working for a local alarm responce company and at the time was unarmed (I was only 19 then).I was just making the rounds in a particularlbad art of town at about 3 in the morning when a rather large and intoxicated man ran up to my pasenger side window. The Nissan trucks we used were fully marked and had light bars..the decals and logos were intintonaly similar to local PD cars. I was stoped at a train crosing with a car behind me and no where to go. He started banging on the window yelling something about always wanting to kill a cop. i noticed him reach into his back pocket and retreave a foot and a half length of pipe and strike the window. The first blow glanced and I felt the second would be more solid and break the window. Having no where to go, I made an exagerated, hollywood style draw on my carry weapon...a 3-cell I drew slowly and seliberatly holding it like a gun. When it was squarly leveled at his head, i clicked on the switch. He grabed his face and fell to the ground screaming and trying to scramble away. I jumped out of the truck and easily subdued and cuffed him. I called dispatch to arrange transport....she heard his screams but I convinsed her no paramedics were needed. This scared him even worse. He kept saying "your just going to let me die!!!" I couldnt beleave it..he actualy thought I shot him...I let him coninue thinking that..LOL!! The mind can be a very powerfull thing.
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