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All your apologies has been accepted before the moment you have asked (and no need for an apology brothers. In fact, if co-TFL'ers have a strong rebuttal to my opinion, that may only show that they are reading between lines. Other thing, writing things to be understood very well is not that easy (not all readers can fully understand what I mean for I might not have explained well nor choice the appropriate wordings to impart my message.

Ledbetter said "I think many here will agree that part of the responsibility of carrying a gun (or other defensive weapon) is the determination not to use it except "in the gravest extreme." That is one thing I want to emphasize. People who has the opportunity to have a CCW can be considered well disciplined by all means, has all the proper training abut their pistols (not that they just purchase it and kept in their closet - or in their car) and they will only draw it when there is great danger they might perceived from goblins.

A situation I can relay, it just happened three days ago. I had 3 customers at the ages of 25 or 26 maybe. They came to make trouble in my shop to asked things that I cannot provide. To sum up, the BGs said, why are you having this kind of business if you don't have this and that. My face turns to red and I want to give him a straight blow and a full round house kick as we are facing each other but then I have many customers to attend. The Bg keeps talking unpalatable words but I am only waiting them to kick or bang my Glass door so that I have reason to hurt them using my empty hands only. After a heated arguments I told them to get out and they did but they stayed in their vehicle for a while. Instead that I will draw my pistol it just remains in my holster for I believe that I can still tackle it. Or if they just return back inside from their car holding big knives or long steel pipe like in (for stick fighting)then I have reason to show them I have also a pistol but I will not point at them nor shoot them yet(I will only point at someone if I have decided to shoot). So, by this way - I can still control myself not to shoot them for there is still other options. the first option is, I told them to leave with my commanding voice and showing them that I am not scared and I am determined to fight back (I really mean it). I did not draw my gun yet for they did not get something inside their car but they show a threat to me by not leaving immediately, I waited them inside my shop but they remain outside then leave after a few minutes.

Determination and not being afraid of any consequence is the thing I know to do in any conflict. But of course (we don't just put ourselves into fire). We have love ones and other things to attend but we have one life to protect in any moment of conflict.

Sometimes, I believe that if a person has a real training and undergone somekind of physical punishment (like military training, member to any Brotherhood that has hazing, studied any kind of martial arts and experienced to go with idiots and bastard and the guy turned to be good) - then I think he is the kind of person not easily frightened by just street gangster if just a handful of them. For me, if just 5 BG trying to harm me openly (if they did not surprise me, I think I can handle the situation). My craziest belief is, a person is not made of steel, the components is a soft tissues and easily ruptured.

Talk to you more onmartial arts in other post.

Thanks to all,

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