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I'm sorry if I came on too seems that you were looking at your options before having to pull the trigger. Judging from the last post.
I am glad to hear from another M.A. who has real world experience.
You know, for close to three decades, I have been training and searching for the answer as you have. I have only signed up on TFL for a few months and I have only taken interest in handguns for a little while, although I bought my first handgun in 1970.
That is why I joined the other TFL'ers, I am trying to learn more from those of like mind.
I know some of the people on the board think that I am crazy for not going to gun option first, but unarmed defense gives you so many more options before you have to go to gun.( Look at some of my posts...LASur5r and you can see some of the situations that I wrote about)
My main concern with going to gun as first option, is if the scene plays out...that bullet leaving the barrel should be terminal.
The hard part is many folks with an unarmed M.A. option has to be sharp enough to "read" the situation and use the appropriate response and of course has to be capable of executing their technique, and if not then they have to be flexible enough to switch to another technique or to disengage and go to plan B.
Good to see that you came out of each encounter okay. When you get a chance, please write about those times and what you did to survive.
I'm always ready to learn other options.

A gun is only another tool in your option box.
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