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Thanks to all your views: As others said, I come here in TFL to learn also and hear opinions. I am trying to know others reactions in certain cases especially in self defense using our CCW's. In that case some of my actions might be corrected or maybe I have done something that might have semblance to all your reasoning.

I've been in several actual situations already where I brawled, exchange of stabbing, and almost used my CCW's but thanks God I haven't used yet for I have still controlled my temper and able to use other options. My reason is, if there is still other way to escape a death threat or we think we can employ other means (not the CCW) I am still using it). Perhaps I did not use yet because of my knowhow in martial arts.

It is true, I will not hesitate to use my CCW for the protection of my life, my family and property (as I have posted in other topics)if there is enough grounds to do it if all the other options available have been employed, depending on the situation. For instance, if there is break-in in my house by armed man, be it 1,2 or more, then I will not hesitate, (that must be done inside my house or in my secured yard, or a group of BG who are determined to kill me then I have too.
I have seen, that even in some traffic altercations there were shoot-out, even among Leos and other government agents (there is always the presence of conflicts and sometimes it resort to shooting each other.

Again, thanks to all your comments.

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