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i was walking away from my ex fiancee's house one night after having dinner with her family. she escorted me about 40 yards from where she lived, we kissed goodnight, and i went home (this was in japan, and i'm kind of an old-fashioned guy). well she waves me off, turns around and some BG comes out of the bushes ... he'd waited for me to leave and be well out of range. he jumped her RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER HOUSE and tried to rape her. she fought him off during the attack and escape. it got reported etc etc ... she went through some serious trauma, to say the least.

so i patrolled the area on my own with just a folding knife (remember this is japan so no guns) for a month. i found the BG - and i know it was him coz who else would look at me, a regular fixture in the neighborhood at 10 in the evening, totally unprovoked turn around, bolt and run from a distance of 60 yards? - i chased him hard, ended up losing him but the BG never showed up again. this happened several years ago.

whenever possible i carry a weapon - by needs since i travel quite a bit it's reduced to folding knives and knuckledusters. mind you, i am a calm, happy-go-lucky person and don't believe in starting bad fights but hell, if my gf was in trouble (and she is OFTEN accosted in SoCal) i'll use anything and everything i can get my hands on. liabilties? i'm obviously the victim of a criminal act if i have to resort to such measures, and i'm the one also getting my civil rights violated? hello? hello? in fact i'm debating moving my permanent residence from HI to CA because of the gun "laws".

Observer, i don't know where you live either but i'm going to quote you twice:

- 30 Aug 2000 on
"Four to five targets I think is not that hard to engage if just aremed with psitols also. My principle is, I better kill this BG's and explain in court later on, rather then I am the victim. that is why I have my carry weapon to defend my life and property. That is why carrying weapon is not just fo the sake of carrying it thinking that there is only one BG you will engage just in case."

- 10 Sep 2000 on this very thread:
"For sure a CCW cannot be of big help enough to engage band of BG's (...) For me, a gun nowadays is commonly use for shooting and for collections only. Perhaps it adds the macho looking of a man if he has one."

kindly put your $$$ where your mouth is, and either commit to defending your life, property, and loved ones, or keep unproven, unfounded generalizations to yourself and avoid the public disgrace associated with being a hypocrite.

LASur5r, David Scott, and the others are right. i can only DREAM that one day i will live in a society that fully honors the right to human dignity and self-defense. i still have a lot to learn from TFLers who are more experienced than i. hypocrisy is something i don't need to emulate.

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