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I have fire insurance but my house has never burned down. I have bad guy insurance but I've never had to fire it at one. I did point it, once, at a guy trying to break in a window, and he split. If he had come through the window I would have fired.

The CCW is not used to "engage" anybody -- it is used to "disengage" from a bad situation. I realize that a pack of 20 BGs with guns is going to take me down, but the odds are that there will not be that many. If I can just put out enough suppressing fire to get away I'm happy. Now that my wife is getting her CCW License, we will be able to cover each other's backs in a bad situation, one of us leading the way out of the area while the other covers against pursuit.

As for worries about legal liability, it's essential that anyone who's going to own a gun understand the laws in their state. I'm lucky to live in a state (Florida) that looks kindly on citizens' rights to self-defense. A good shoot here usually doesn't get as far as a grand jury.

Your observation about "macho looks" is stereotypical pop-psych claptrap, the kind of thing tossed about by antis who want us to believe that men carry guns as penis substitutes because they feel sexually inadequate. Pure horse hockey. I grant that a small minority of a$$holes have guns to look tough, but they generally don't bother with CCW licenses because it looks even tougher to defy the law. To the vast majority, guns are simply the right tool for the job of self-defense.

I compliment you on the subtlety of your troll. Much smoother than the usual anti rant.
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