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If you want to try the other option...
Stand by.

How do you like leaving the fate of your future in the hands of a scuzz?

You ever look down the barrel of a gun with a BG holding it on you, and he is high on drugs...making him unpredictable?

Do you think the BG's play by civilized rules? If they did, then why are they holding a gun on you?

Do you think the BG cares about your life?

Let's say you give it up...everything? Money...keys to the car...your wife...your wallet.

True story. A good friend of mine had her gutless boyfriend do that to her. The BG had held her boyfriend up by gunpoint in the parking lot behind the local bowling alley. Got the money, etc...asked if he knew anyone else who had money. Told the boyfriend to send the person out or he would stalk him and shoot him.
Her boyfriend went into the bowling alley pass the security guards (armed), past the pay phones, pass a couple LEO's responding to a call in the bowling alley, and told her that someone was waiting outside to see her.
Trusting her boyfriend, she went out to be robbed, attempted rape...she had more b*#*s then her boyfriend..she fought off the BG, the BG stole her car and she got the shell back two weeks later.
She stuck with that boyfriend for a couple months until she could see clearly, then dumped him to marry a guy...that oddly enough, likes to collect guns.

So you may be willing to just turn your fate over to someone who is not an upstanding pillar of the community...I am not!
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