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I don't know where you live, but here in soCal, I can take you places where you think it looks perfectly safe but a violent encounter can occur in a heartbeat. Most violent encounters do if you don't see the signs.
I'm not even talking about gang areas, etc..etc..
For example, I went to a seminar of code enforcement folks right across the street from Disneyland. We were reasonably well dressed and as is my wont, i hung around after the seminar to catch up with other professionals in my field and try to learn new developments in our field.(You war stories, etc..,etc..)
So I walked out at a little after four to retrieve my car, the host city folks were a couple of steps behind me, when I was approached by a young man who made like he was selling ties...Figuring me for an easy mark, he made an aggressive pitch, but I already spotted the bulge under his jacket. That's right, he was wearing a suit jacket over a suspicious bulge.
We are not armed for our work, so I had to go to unarmed self-defense mode, I got close to him. I believe he wanted me to take out my wallet to make a purchase then he would have whipped out his gun to take everything.
The BG got louder and louder as I got quieter and quieter and smiled at him. Finally, he lost his temper and reached under his jacket.
Just as I started to move to a trapping motion, one of buds from the host city guys yelled," Watch it, that guy's got a bench warrant out for him!"
I yelled, "Gun!" and ducked for cover. Remember I wasn't armed.
Anaheim's folks work closely with their local LEO's and they train with the LEO's so I watched a smooth team operation.
The BG turned to face 4 of the good guys and jammed his gun back into his waistband. One of the guys already was on a walkie talkie calling the local PD. Everyone went to cover so I took the hint and hunkered down. The ones just coming out the door ducked back into the building and soon I saw one of the good guys head out the side door to jump into a car that looked exactly as their local Pd units.
The BG was running at this point, only to be cut off by the radio unit and three police units screaming down the main street to catch the BG.
Observer? Remember, a gun is only a tool. It is not the end all to beat all, but it gives you more options and probably a better chance to protect your life.
The trouble is, when the SHTF, and you picked the option to use your gun to save someone's life ,are you committed to pulling the trigger?
If you are strongly doubtful, then you might rethink your options. I know people who were not willing to pull the trigger and have either sold their guns or have been shot because they hesistated too long, or have to live with the tragedy that occurred because the BG didn't care and pulled his/her trigger.
I know a bunch of people that have pulled the trigger and have had to live with the aftermath. That is normal...but they are alive to contemplate what happened and so are the ones they saved.
I also know many more people who have had to show their guns or indicate that they have a gun and were not afraid to use it and the BG's left.
Don't count on it, though...I've had BG's strut up to me and verball challenge me to shoot them even though they saw that I had a gun. That is why I don't brandish or bluff. When I draw my gun, it's to protect a life.
Remember, that doesn't mean you have to still have options.
Anyway, Good of these days I'd like to live in a community that's as peaceful as yours.
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