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We always mentioned in any topic about self defense using our CCW's, but how determined each and every one of us to really use it in self defense. Are we not having second thought that if we are going to use it as a primary weapon in self defense then we may be in big trouble (not only criminaly liable but civily liable too. That if ever we have used another weapon not the gun then we might be in less trouble (be it the encounter with a BG was consummated or not). For sure a CCW cannot be of big help enough to engage band of BG's.

We keep talking BG's but how many CCW holders really have used their gun in self defense. Even LEO's can seldom use their guns in self defense or very rare they use it a real situation shooting with BG's. As it was said, the gun stays more in the holster rather of the user rather than being actually used to BG's. For me, a gun nowadays is commonly use for shooting and for collections only. Perhaps it adds the macho looking of a man if he has one.

Just an observation only.
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