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There were 3 objectives to this amendment:
  1. Needed an immediate army to defend the country - real big, no people, and foreign (British) enemies.
  2. Feared military power concentrated in central government - ie remembered the problems with General Gage around Boston prior to Lexington and Concord.
  3. Assumed that individuals, not any government, were responsible for their personal security, and by implication the security of the area immediately near them. This included every threat from the local criminals to pirates to the Native Americans.
The key point that the banners love to overlook was that this was a Bring-Your-Own-Gun Army. The word regulated dealt with having the proper personal weapons available.

In the 21st Century situation, it would mean that every male (and every female) in the age range (18-45 or so) would be required to have an M16, M4, M9 Pistol, M249 SAW, or M2 (or perhaps older weapons like the Springfield or Model 1917 rifles or Colt/Lewis Machineguns from World War I, M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, M14 Rifle, M60 Machine Gun, M1911 Pistol, M3 (Grease Gun), M1928 Thompson, M1918 BAR) etc., and bring them to the meetings at regular times to have them inspected and do some basic defensive training.
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