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Okay you guys,
I see I have at least temporarily, a captive audience...somehow when I signed on to TFL I didn't think I'd be talking about Bruce...

Anyway, here goes...
A kempo karate studio had just opened up near my house and I introduced myself to the instructor. He had his black belts "try" me out and after that since I didn't have any money to take lessons, he had me assist in training his kids' classes.
Then he decided to have an "Open House"
At that time, Bruce Lee had just started the part of Kato on the Green Hornet television show, but Chuck Norris was a bigger name at the time.
The instructor was a good friend of Ed Parker's and the M.A. community was fairly small at the time so they often helped each other out. So both Bruce and Chuck was to help do demonstrations of their martial arts at the "Grand Opening." We had other big names, too, but that's for some other time.
Bruce and Danny showed up late so they couldn't do a demo, the audience left except for the diehards and one of my classmates came up and handed a nunchaku to me and asked how it worked...I had no idea, but I had just finished my part of a "live blade" demo and a bojitsu kata, so I was feeling full of myself.
Especially, since I saw Bruce and Chuck walk over showing some interest. This is before the nunchuck was was the hexagonal shaped handle then. I said that I wasn't sure, but I would give it a shot.
I whipped that sucker around in a sizzling figure eight and I tried the vertical whip trying to bring it downward where it is supposed to hit the inner thigh and come up over the shoulder where you catch the flailing end under your arm to stop the movement.
Well, I had that flailing end really moving and I had misjudged where my inner thigh got it! Right in the private parts!!!
I went down immediately and assumed the position....Yow!
You know...the fetal position..curl up and wishing you were dead! Not only from the pain, but also from the embarrassment.
Here's the classic part, Skorzeny, Bruce peers down at me and said, "Hey, I like this weapon. You just hand it to your opponent and he wipes himself out with it."

Funny, how lonely you can get when you just kicked your own ass in front of people that you wanted to impress.

I believe I just pulled up the tatami and crawled under it.

Let me know if you want to hear some more of these B.L. stories.
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