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Thanks for the careful what you ask for...Nah, just kidding.

In '64, Bruce threw down the gauntlet at the Long Beach arena. Challenged any blackbelt of any style. He said that he could beat us. Shortly after that time, we heard that Bruce had opened a school in L.A. Chinatown. I was already a black belt in jiujitsu and I was a shodan in Kempo (Ed Parker style)...but our instructor was a tournament type of guy so I got into it because of the heavy sparring ...eventually, I lost the reality based jiujitsu...old style no mats, no tap outs.
I was heavily into ippon sparring. Score by one hit and I forgot it was a game,not real fighting, but I was having fun and I was getting trophies for the school. I even came close to "beating" guys like Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, etc...Big Deal. In my school, I was considered to be one of the fastest guys around.
So when Bruce said at Long Beach, all our "sparring" wasn't real...we were chomping at the bit to prove to him or anyone in his school that we would "kick ass."
Finally, we had our chance. He was only letting in black belts because there were too many challenges. We set up an appointment, four of us would go.
The way we did it was cross hands(like you saw in "Enter the Dragon." We didn't realize we were playing his game, because we didn't know much about trapping.
So when it was my turn, my lead hand came near his hand...I was ready to block his lead hand and follow up with a rear hand punch from the hip...when BOOM! I was hit right in the cleft of my chin, right below the lower lip...I was knocked out and I was standing in place, Well, actually, I was leaning a little against the wall. My friend standing behind me, grabbed me by the shoulders and asked if i was okay.
Bruce was so fast that no one saw what he did. Even though, I had just experienced it, I had no idea what he had done.
The next black belt in line was really tournament experienced and he was knocked out just as quickly.
The other two black belts that I came with were also street wise and they changed tactics to be dispatched almost as quickly.
We were notorious "borrowers" at our school. We saw techniques, got back to the dojo and could reproduce the technique and the beginning and ending parts of it. None of us could figure Bruce's technique out. Mainly because it was so simple.
Watch "Enter the Dragon" when he fights the guy with the scar on his face (Bob Wall). The rear hand traps the elbow or forearm of the opponent, leaving that person open to Bruce's lead hand punch.
Bruce had that notorious "one inch" punch down perfect so when he hit you with a punch from one inch away, he packed a lot of power.
One of these days, I'll write about how I really embarrassed myself in front of Bruce and Chuck Norris.

Anyway...keep on training...we spend our whole life, getting ready.
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