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Glad to hear that you are alive and well. Yeah, when the chips are down, that's when the will to survive/win, either kicks in or...Plan B isn't so hot, but that's how I first learned Spanish here on the mainland.

I got in a fight with three Hispanic boys (junior high school) in northern California. In Hawaii, I had learned to fight know, let the guy up if you knocked him down, etc., no kicking in the privates...
Anyway, it was one on one so far, when one of the guys sitting on the sideline said to his buddy, "Kick him in the huevos!"
In my mind, I went "huevos?"
then he did...kick me in the huevos. I went down and I believe they all did the 'Mexican hat dance' on me because when I came to, I hurt all over my body and I had quarter size black and blues from shins to head. Italian 'stiletto' shoes were popular then.
In Hawaii, you knew usually when you hit the floor you had a chance to catch your wind as the other guy would wait for you to get up on your feet. After that fight with those three guys, I reevaluated fighting style and worked hard not to stay on the floor long.

Anyway, Correia, you did a good goes the saying, "Can't keep a good man down." Keep on being that good man.
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