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Kind of related to the initial posting. Except it was the big guy (myself) who had the will to win, and the little guys who luckily for me didn't know how to hit worth a damn.

When I was 17 I got jumped on a bus by 4 wannabe gang bangers. I guess that the deal was to get initiated they had to find a big white guy and beat the crap out of him.

The bus came to a stop, and people started to get off. Looking back I was in condition white (I was a kid what did I know).

I was just sitting there when all of a sudden I feel this huge whallop to the back of my head. The guy sitting behind me had a wrist cast. He just started to wail on me. I had no clue what was going on, I started to get up when the three in the aisle all started to punch me also. I was a human pinata. It took a second for me to realize what was going on (long enough to bust open my nose, lip, blacken both eyes, and dislocate my jaw, still can't chew gum without it popping 8 years latter).

I stood up, crawled over the girl that I was sitting next too (she was busy screaming her head off), still getting wailed on. Got out in the aisle and then it got a little fuzzy. Broke one guys nose, chucked another one on the floor, and split his head open. Bad concussion.

Next thing I know I'm just sitting there bleeding and the two uninjured ones are carrying the other two hurt ones off of the bus. Nobody even tried to help.

I was much bigger than any one of them. And luckily I was stronger, but I guess it all comes down to who wants it more. Just thought I would share.
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