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LASur5r, i have no idea if your friend was from honbu dojo ... he might have been from a regional one ... or maybe another intra-city one ... lots of faces show up just once a month or something so i'd have no idea ...

Skorzeny ... you're right ... randori is the only real way to get true *fighting* skills ... mind you i went into aikido for calm ... i remember the kyokushin world championships of last year ... right before the finals the kancho (head) told the japanese team "oh by the way, if you lose do cut yourselves open" (seppuku ... btw the japanese lost to the brazilians) ... pressure in judo and karate to win is huge ... in olympic matches, losing against a non-japanese opponent has massive stigma ... kind of like if the italians trashed the u.s. in basketball x100 ... with sydney coming up the last year has been really just intense ... anyways i digress.

the tomoe nage in BJJ is much better ... i've gone *splat* on numerous occasions trying to pull the straight judo one ... of course that's why i like stand-up throws like irimi nage ... i don't have to get my threads chopped up and i don't get flattened.
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