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Skorzeny & Dragontooth 73,
One of an embarrassing moments was during the time when I helped my friend open up a karate dojo in a small town..we'd have people drop in to challenge me (I was the only black belt at the school, my partner was still living in L.A. and he would come up once every few months). The challengers came mostly from the local Buddhist church's---judo dojo.
Being an old style jiujitsu practioner (practiced on ground, no mat; no formal dojo, instructor was 5th dan kendo,life long jiujitsu,2nd dan iaijitsu, and 2nd dan aikido from Uyeshiba school ...maybe classmate, Dragontooth? He taught us a lot of arm locks, arm bars, and naked strangles. He insisted on reality, so no gi's, and tap outs had to be extremely fast or out you go.

Anyway, I time, the judo champion from the local dojo challenged me to randori. I told him that I was mostly karate, but I would fight him by countering him only... He was same height, but spotted me ninety pounds.

Long to short, he kicked me in my shin which I had just injured the previous week in a karate tournament. He was leg sweeping me and I went down, while going down I reached into his lapel area and crossed his throat with my forearms. He fell on me as I choked him out. Only trouble is he was out when he landed on me and I was in a position that i couldn't get out from under his weight.

My first class arrived finding us in that "embarrassing"position ; ;
Any thing like that happen to you guys?
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