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i see there is agreement that Cat Fu is the greatest of all the unarmed fighting styles ... (busts gut laughing) ... my gf also practices it, she's rather, er, proficient ... (*gagged*)

Skorzeny, for aikido i studied at the honbu dojo in west shinjuku for a while ... reasons i didn't become a judoka are:

(1) too many cops and olympic athletes etc etc in kodokan ... pressure is very intense. too many injuries. remember, i went into aikido to learn how to avoid serious injury, not to get my arm busted in randori.

(2) too many people i knew in the university club in judo ... didn't care to face off against ex gf's younger brother or whoever ... plus the intercollegiate judo matches are ferocious ... had enough on my mind without the aggravation ... i think you understand.

my $.02 on tomoe nageh, is that in real life it never worked for me ... going down on my back on pavement with whatever kind of detritus is very unappealing ... having the throw stall due to lack of momentum and having your target right on top of you suspended by one leg's worth of distance is really stupid ... i speak from direct experience ... i'll throw in $.01 more for memories ...
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