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A friend of my wife tells a story about cat fu, which he swears is true. He grew up outside Cleveland, OH. When he was a teenager, one night they were awoken by a crash and screams in the living room. He grabbed a baseball bat. His dad grabbed a .38. They went to the living room and turned on the light.

There in the living room was a robber, being held captive by their 12 lb cat. Said cat was attached to the robbers arms. Kitty had his fangs dug gum deep into the robbers upper arm, his front claws sunk into the arm as well. Kitty's rear paws were doing a racetrack kinda thing with claws extended on the robbers lower arm. The robbers shirt sleave and lower arm were shredded as a result.

That cat was still attached to the robber when the police arrived and nearly bust a gut laughing. When the owners went to try to remove the cat from the robber, the cat growled at them. Apparently, he didn't want to share his prey

Sure would like to have a cat like that around.

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