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... i remain convinced that people underestimate the ferocity of short people all too readily. they just don't fight fair ... whatever fair may be anyways.

i went into aikido primarily because it taught me how not to get hurt in various rolls, flips, and joint locks. true i could have gone into BJJ for all those, but considering i was living in japan at the time and BJJ has only made inroads there in the last several years or so, i chose what was for me the best looking option.

i think Skorzeny mentioned the smaller unskilled(?) opponent using you to wax the floors first, not me. not sure. major jet lag. need tea ...

LawDog and esteemed peers, before i depart i submit to you what i consider to be the ultimate fighting system(?):

Cat Fu

it has all the components of a mysterious gung fu style.

(1) it cannot be taught
(2) its origins are shrouded in mystery
(3) its masters are short, harmless looking people
(4) it involves a lot of chi one way or another
(btw "chi" in chinese = energy, "chi" in japanese = blood)
(5) it is universally feared

there ... i think i've got it ... i'll ask my gf later if i've got it right ... opinions?

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