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Lawdog brought up a post on East and West swords and it brought up a whole slew of subjects.
One idea that came to mind, ...Dragontooth 73 brought up was having a smaller unskilled opponent beat you.
I wanted to know what kind of experience some of you all had in this department...I don't think there's any shame in it because you were probably were fighting somebody that was more highly motivated than you to win and you survived and hopefully learned from that experience(s).
In the mid 60's (1960 you guys...Hah! Hah!!! Not 1860, I'm not as old as you guys think I am) my grandpa told me to "never fight someone that had more to lose than you...because you'll probably lose.) If not killed, you'll probably be maimed or hurt badly.
One of the fastest fights I lost was against Bruce Lee at his school on College St, but that's a different story.
One of the worse fights I lost, I had already been in the martial arts for over 12 years..the guy was 6 inches shorter than I (I am 5'6") and I spotted him 50 lbs. (I was 140lbs.) I had been working security on a city's parks at night when this 15 year old showed up on one of the parks. He was a known vandal, and suspected arsonist, other employees told me that he was also a suspected know, one of the poor unfortunate products of our society.

As an aside, I had met this young man on my first day on the job...Easter Sunday...I was just supposed to act like a recreation person, but I was really there to do the young hoodlums off the park and keep the peace on the park. He decided to rob people (families) by sticking the dad or oldest brother in the chest with his pen knife (about a 6 inch knife,double edged, long and thin, made to look like a pen). Then he'd demand money. He was working his way down a park path, when I spotted him doing the dirty deed on yet another family.
Bottom line, he tried to stick me, I got the knife away from him..he started to run...His 10 year old friend...that's right! A ten year old little girl stalled me long enough with a switch blade so that he could get away. I was i got the blade away from the little girl, but I let her go because I couldn't figure it out...a 10 year old, girl.
Anyway, about 3 months later, I run into the young miscreant again with his 7 year old brother...I stopped them..this is about 8:30 p.m.. I get a whiff of paint on them and the youngest one has a spray paint can in his rear pocket.
I look at the walls of the recreation building and see fresh graffiti the same color as the can of paint in his pocket. P.C.. Ah hah! Probable cause, not Klinton's pc.
"All right, boys, empty the pockets...citizen's arrest...I'm holding you all for the cops. " I am unarmed.
No cell phone in those days. What to do? They empty their pockets, I check pockets for weapons...standing relaxed after that exercise, when the older one distracts me, the young one dives behind me and I go head over heels from falling for that sucker move. I do a judo break fall, but because of the difference in angle from tripping over the curled up youngster, I get some of the wind knocked out of me. The young guy has already popped up from under my knees and kicks me in the head...great for releiving those sinuses. The older brother goes for groin kick. I check with legs in jiu jitsu block, extend my legs in a kick against his upper thigh, his uppper body comes forward, I try to grab his triceps for tomoe nagi(sp?)type throw. Older brother folds knees to lower his weight which brings him to land on his knees, missing the grab (skinny arms), I go for single hand strangle on his throat. He frog hops onto my extended legs and puts a double handed bare strangle on my throat (I'm in a half sit up position).I'm still trying to get some air when little brother runs around and clobbers me in the base of my head with something hard, I palm hit the older brother in the throat, but not enough energy behind it. He chokes, but I hear his little brother yell, "Use the gun! Use the gun!"
In desperation, I lunge for older brother, tackling him by his ankles...something hard at his pant leg around his ankle. Now he is on his back facing him, and I'm kneeling as I keep on holding the bulge on his ankle, slapping his arms away from trying to pull what I thought was his gun, younger brother then screams and wraps his hands around my eyes, then switched to my throat and one foot kicks me in the upper spine and locks straight as he's pulling me backward making my back arch as he's choking me. With older brother now heelkicking me in the chest and solar plexus and alternating trying to keep me in a kneeling position by bringing his heels down on my thighs...flexible little buggers.
I remember coming out of the darkness soon after ? When I felt some sharp kicks in the ribs..I curled up at that point. Then I must have blacked out again because I remember feeling hurt,cold and alone in the dark as I lay in the grass of the baseball outfield where I caught those two boys.
I got to my car and drove slowly home so that I could get someone in my family to drive me to the hospital which was farther away.
Result? Bruised ribs, black and blue finger marks where the youngster choked me, a really sore throat, various cuts and bruises all over the body, and a feeling of depression as I had to reevaluate my need for the job and especially as I had to rethink what I did and didn't do and what kind of M.A. should have come into play.
I worked in the parks for another year (I really needed that job as I was working my way through college.) I left later because of an even more dangerous situation...but that's another story.

Anyway, after this long post how many of you realize there is a totally different mindset in a knock down dragout? How many of you are content with your knowledge of M.A. and gun foo?
Or what other measures are you taking to help you "fight to win."

Stay safe...sorry about the length of the post.
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