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Zach Vonler
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This situation is to me very different from a single gunman in a public place. Against multiple bgs, I think the correct response is to dive to the best cover possible while using your own gun against any of the bgs that come after you. The office is close to ideal, since you can go in there, close the door, use the phone, and the doorway provides a choke point. It's unlikely that that they even care about someone hiding in an office in a bank (unless you're the person that can open the safe or something) and seems even more unlikely they're going to stack and burst through the door. Trying to stay in the open and/or shooting back in this scenarion is suicide IMO, because no matter how good you are you're not five times faster than the slowest bg. I'd feel real bad if I were hiding in an office while people were getting shot, but I think I could convince myself that there really wasn't another option.
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