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If an armed men (say 4 to 5 is about to enter my office "it depends how big the office") what shall I do.

In my case that I am the proprietor of small office, if I determined that these armed group are hold-uppers, I will not give them a chance to draw their weapon, I will engage them immediately rather then they will robbed us and kill us inside the office thereafter. that is why I am so observant to all people enterig my office. Four to five targets I think is not that hard to engage if just aremed with psitols also. My principle is, I better kill this BG's and explain in court later on, rather then I am the victim. that is why I have my carry weapon to defend my life and property. That is why carrying weapon is not just fo the sake of carrying it thinking that there is only one BG you will engage just in case.

But if, you are just one of the employees inside even you have CCW, it is not your obligations to engage the BG's for it will create only a bigger casualty (but again it depends on the scenario, time and place) if necessary to do such actions. But in my case, I will surely engage them.
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