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On a previous post, I put a real life experience, where my wife went down a hall to her office when she saw some BG's start to put on their balaclavas (ski masks) on. Her office was in the opposite direction of the cashiers area. Each time for her, she had to react differently depending on where she was at the time the BG's came in. (The BG's hit the credit union at least 9 times over a 6 month period. Must have been practicing for the real banks.)
One response to that post was that it depends on whether or not you have a gun in your hand when TSHTF...the balloon goes up.
I know what my wife did was a calculated risk but just freezing in place and putting your hands up is a calculated risk too.
What say you, gentlemen and gentlewomen of the board? What are some options that you could respond with when 4 or 5 armed BG's hit the entrance of your office/store/building and you see them coming. The BG's are at your 6 o'clock (12 feet away, they are in a hall starting to open the door. The cashiers' area is at your 3 (7 feet away); your office door is at your 9 (10 feet away). The front entrance door is at your 12, but 45+ feet away.
Scenario #1: Your gun is in your office---10 feet away.
Scenario #2: Your gun is on you concealed.

What say you?
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