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I have one (got it from Brigade Quartermasters I believe) and it is a nice knife. But it has it's bad points along with the good.

It is a slick little knife, carries well inside my pants, has a good handle, and opens very well.

But the liner lock does not (in my humble opinion) engage enough metal on the blade, and I have concerns about how effective the blade is.

My current carry knife is a CRKT M16-12Z. It has a heavy and sharp 3" Tanto blade, w/serrations, the "Carson Flipper" which aids the opening process, and a good liner lock. Plus it is about $20-30 less expensive...NOT CHEAPER...just costs less. It is not quite as slick as the A-F, but I think it's a better carry knife. I recommend that you look at CRKT before you buy anything else.

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