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Which size? I got them when they first came out. I've got the original large one and the smaller "Covert" one. They are nice knives, well-constructed and slick. The large one has a blade made of 425 steel while the smaller ones are ATS-34.

Large one has a nylon sheath that has a snap similar to a gun holster. The smaller one is more practical for everyday carry and has a double locking system in that the liner lock can be blocked from opening.

They are available in flatground or double ground (false-edge) styles. Pocket clip on the small one is a bit tight, you won't lose the knife that's for sure. I just wish it pointed tip up in the carry position, but most liner locks carry in the point down position to avoid possible problems if the blade opens up in your pocket.

Only complaints would be that the small one's blade is a bit on the thin side and there isn't a better "guard" for the fingers; it would be easy on a thrust for your hand to slip off the handle but this is true for many, many knives out there. Also, on the large one, it says, "combat folder" or something like it on the blade; I think those little name thingies are stupid.

But, as the poster above said, there are other knives that are better in the price range. The AFCK is a good knife and probably tougher for use. I like Spyderco stuff, and Microtech, though expensive, makes awesome stuff. I have the Gerbers for the collection, I usually carry an AFCK or an Endura.

I'd try gunshows for the best prices. Could try at Also, should have some more comments and reviews on their forums.

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