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I am generally one of the few who comment on militia threads. Must be a 12 step process to cure it somewhere.

Let me start by saying that the militia that existed in 1789 and that which the Second Amendment speaks about is deader than four o'clock yesterday. Has been for over a hundred years. That is the reason the antigunners created the idea that the RTKBA was tied only to militia service. Since the militia was dead then so too the RTKBA. They were wrong and Heller fixed that.

Originally Posted by armoredman
Title 10 US Code still states that, IIRC, that the unorganized militia is all able bodied men between 18 and 45 not in uniform
And the unorganized militia has no rights, duties, or responsibilities and is merely a pool that the organized militia (the NG) may draw its members from.

Originally Posted by armoredman
BUT, imagine the actual case of when a militia call up might happen in your area. Who would do it?
By law ONLY the state government may do it. Anything else is not a militia and that is true also of certain self-appointed "militia" groups that exist today. They are unauthorized paramilitary organizations. Folk banding together during disasters for mutual self-protection spontaneously are not militia either.

BTW, as long as the United States of America possesses strategic nuclear weapons their will be no foreign invasions by other countries and so no need for a "militia".

So, to recap, the only way a militia may be called out is by the state government (how that happens is subject to the particular state law) and the militia will answer to state authorities only (not themselves) and will receive their orders from such as well.
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