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Halbrook Second Amendment podcast

Glenn may be right, and militia posts don't draw a lot of interest here, I don't know. I only get on here every once in a while and so, to me, I've not really ever read/followed any posts on that subject.

However, I just posted a link to a really excellent podcast by Second Amendment scholar and attorney Stephen P. Halbrook. I was surprised to see him address, in a short portion late in the podcast, a rather more constitutionally broad view of the militia and the inability, under traditional mainstream jurisprudence, to even conceive in modern times of a militia in which able-bodied folk have a duty to serve.

This angle is a bit different than the main question in this thread. However, if anyone is interested, I highly recommend the Halbrook podcast. The link and summary in an adjacent post by the title: "Halbrook Second Amendment podcast".

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