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To answer your question from some time ago.... Yes I shot one of them the other day. A guy at the range had one, one pit over. When he saw that we were shooting AR15, he brought over his FN F2000 and asked if we were interested in trying it out.

First impression. It was weird looking and I thought somewhat simular to an AUG. When I shot it, the trigger was crumy and felt like the AUG's trigger. Heavy w/o a crisp break. Mounting the weapon was different from an AR15.

From that point, I liked a lot of the features. The more I think about it, the more I think I'd like to own one. At my local police supply house, they have an F2000 for about $2200.

Maybe after Christmas and if they still have it and if I still think that I can't live w/o it, I'll bring it home with me.

(It'll take some reprograming for me to like the 'bullpup' design. I can be retrained.)

Anyone else tried one and what was your opinion?
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