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Hello guys I don't post much here.

I live in Stafford. I belong to the IWLA Izzak Walton League We have one located here in stafford and there is one located in F'burg. It is not public as you have to pay a membership for mine it is $200 the first year and $100 every year after that.

Clark brothers is ok for a range but yes you do have to use their ammo and boy it is expensive.

There is a sight in range at CF Phelps WMA it is not open much and only during Deer season is it open to use then only a few days a week.

As for locating a place to shoot your best bet is to find a friend that has a few places to hunt on.

I love ground hog hunting and there are places that are just thick with them but most are 2 hours away. I have been all over stafford and a few bordering counties I got turned down every time. Not many people allow hunting because many farms have been leased by hunt clubs.

If you want any further than 100 yards you may want to look into the Quantico Shooting club. It is only $80 a year and you can get all the way out to 1000 yards. the 600 yard range is limited to 308 win and below. The draw back is you shoot at the convience of the USMC. there has to be an RSO on the range and the RSO can not shoot at all. If the range is open and there is no RSO there is not shooting.

Stafford Chapter

If you guys want to see what our chapter looks like send me an email and we can set up a time to take you out there and show you around. I am off till jan 4 and have plenty of free time. [email protected]

Info on fred chapter

Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter
Property/Meeting Site: 12400 Herndon Rd.
Spotsylvania, VA 22553
Chapter Website:
To Join Contact: John Gamble
(Membership Officer)
Phone: (540)972-3379
Email: [email protected]
Solving Virginia's Ground Hog problems 50gr at a time.....

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