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Oleg had posted, a while back, a link to a gun-related discussion in Ms. Magazine. One lady on the Ms. Magazine board mentioned that she was a gun owner but after she was attacked while in her bathroom, she got rid of her gun. Her gun was locked and unloaded at the time of the attack.

This got me thinking. A lot of us carry even while in our homes, but there are some places within the home where carry may be impractical (e.g., while taking a shower in the morning).

As for me, even though I own two Glocks (which, presumably, might be able to withstand the humidity of being stored constantly in a bathroom), I don't usually have a gun with me during the morning shower. I do, however, have a four ounce can of Fox Labs OC in the medicine cabinet, along with three other OC units hidden throughout the apartment.

Ideas, comments? Should I be like the guy on who brings his AK (I have one of those too, hehehe) into the bathroom every time it's gonna be a long one?


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