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Hello Jack 99,

Well, a lot depends how you feel about expensive knives. Who is the maker? Will it be used as a work knife or a keeper? Will it likely appreciate in value in the coming years?

I have been collecting knives for a long time and have a sizeable collection. The original Gerber Paul knives made in the 70’s cost about $30 and are now selling for 10 times that amount, if you can find them. Chris Reeve “Sebenza” (Zulu for work), Barry Wood, Randell, Boker and many other well-known maker’s knives will always be worth more than what you paid for them in the future.

At a show last year I picked up two S&W baby autos, stag sides, selling for $175 each. The dealer cut me a deal because I am a semi-regular customer. I have never really opened the factory wrapping and they remain in their boxes, untouched to this day. If S&W bites it, their value may sky-rocket for collectors in the years to come.

As I have always been fascinated with the different methods, styles, and materials used in folders, I am a self-admitted blade addict. Let your own conscience guide your decision. Good luck.

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