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BlueTrain, in the incredibly extreme chance of a call up of general militia, yes, it is a distinct possability that what shattered forces available may not have much resupply available. Any unit properly staffed and supplied would probably have no need or use for general militia. Refer to scenes of rout in history, and what armies tended to leave behind - everything including the kitchen sink. This is where my theoretical scene comes in, a military commander of whatever rank/unit/experiance attempting to create/resupply any unit he/she can create/reconstitute in an attempt to face (X) with an equipped force. The situation goes farther downhill if the commander is perhaps police with no military experiance.
Is this scenario likely? hardly, extremely UNlikely any militia call out would ever go out in any way, except for those very rare cases established militias/state guards have mobilized for natural disaster.
Just a thought that doesn't seem to interest anyone here.

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