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.22 conversion units for practice

For most of 2009, I've used .22 conversion units on various pistols for "routine" practice, because ammo has become both expensive and scarce, depending upon the caliber.

Most of my practice has been accuracy based at 50 feet on an indoor range, shooting at 1/2 or 1/3rd scale targets. I've also practiced a lot shooting strong hand only and weak hand only.

(I've always found that shooting with .22 conversions units has been very valuable to maintaining my skills. Some people prefer to dry fire practice -- I prefer to use the .22s)

Last weekend I shot my first match since early June (using my Sig 226R-DAK duty gun) and did reasonably well. I wasn't particularly fast (I never am) but I was pretty smooth and accurate.

I still have to practice more on engaging multiple targets from behind cover (as I've noticed in previous posts in this discussion).
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