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Originally Posted by OldMarksman
Agree on all points, but the 0-3 yards stat has to do with the shooting distance rather than the distance at which one may be able to detect real danger.

If I draw and (have to) fire at someone charging from 20 to 25 yards away he will surely be less than ten feet away before I fire--and I'm going to be moving, to the side if possible, at that point.

If one does get into such a situation and the shooter's case is called into question, I imagine that one side might argue that the Tueller distance was an important factor and the other side might argue that it was not applicable.
Agreed, I think we're on the same page. My main point was merely that people often read more into the "Tueller rule" than they really should. In other words, we spend so much time hearing about this "21 foot rule" stuff that some people end up thinking that fights actually start at that distance as a matter of course.
It is very possible, with proper situational awareness, to pick up on a potential threat at that distance or beyond. I'm just saying that in many cases, you may not have that luxury and won't have indication that an attack is imminent until the BG has encroached much further.
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