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Another option that's available is to be better trained and more proficient than that particular cop. I don't think that option is beyond your reach.

In any case, carry as you wish. As for me, I'll have a round in the chamber.
I see nothing wrong with carrying either way - round chambered or not chambered. Both methods have been used by many people successfuly for many years. I simply choose not to have a round chambered. I am proficient at using a pistol for self defense - have taken several courses and have had lots of practice. But, I don't shoot competitavely. And, I don't carry regularly either. So, I don't have a set routine that I'm 100% comfortable with that would let me keep a round always chambered. I think for those folks who carry occasionally or use a particular gun primarily for home defense and have kid(s) - not keeping a round chambered makes sense and is perfectly justifiable.

In fact, I routinely hear folks here say that a pump shotgun is the best gun for home defense.....and many add that they like the "cha-chink" factor. Well, this indicates that for home defense that many of the shotgun folks don't keep a round chambered either.

I'm just pointing out that not everyone who owsn a gun should be made to feel defenseless just because they don't keep a round chambered in their gun.
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