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Originally Posted by BlueTrain
...flicking off the safety is a fine motor skill...
I see this contention a lot. But I'd like to know how anyone figures that pushing down on the 1911 (or BHP) safety with my thumb is a "fine motor skill." BTW, I do shoot 1911s and BHPs with my thumb on top of the safety.

Originally Posted by BlueTrain
]...I assume you make up for that by using an after market safety. ...
Not sure what you mean by "after market safety." Most 1911s today come from the maker with some type of extended safety as original equipment.

The Colt tear drop safety that has been original equipment on Colt 1911s for a whole lot of years is also very easy to use (I have several Colts with such a safety and with which I practice extensively.).

If you're thinking of the old style "small tab" safety, that hasn't been original equipment on 1911s (except for a few models intending to reproduce the original military 1911 or 1911A1) for a great many years.

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