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Originally Posted by GrigoriRasputin
Had his brother done his idiotic trick of leaving the gun with an empty chamber and my friend not had the presence of mind to find it before going on duty...
This is why I ALWAYS chamber check my weapon when it has been out of my possession, even if it was just in the night stand overnight: If I do it every time, I won't forget to do it the one time when it's important.

(Kinda like turn signals: If I signal every time, even turning into the garage, then I won't forget to signal when it's important.)

Originally Posted by BlueTrain
Operating the slide is a gross motor skill, flicking off the safety is a fine motor skill. But I assume you make up for that by using an after market safety.
Huh? What does an "after market safety" have to do with the price of Pekoe in Peking?
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