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Note that nowhere in my posting have I argued that you should not carry any handgun with a loaded chamber, but rather I am arguing that chamber empty many not be such a bad idea.

First of all, I have to qualify that by saying that it only work with certain handguns, by which I mean racking the slide and chambering is easy with some automatics, nearly impossible with others. And as for the comment that working the slide is difficult (because it takes two hands) and operating the safety is easy (because it only takes one thumb), well, that doesn't follow. Operating the slide is a gross motor skill, flicking off the safety is a fine motor skill. But I assume you make up for that by using an after market safety.

I was surprised that another mentioned how easy the slide was to work on a Glock but I don't think a Government Model is at all difficult unless it has been refinished and is slick. As for those comments about attempting to work the slide one handed, well, I agree, I don't think I could do that under the best of circumstances.

At any rate I'm glad Rasputin is willing to allow us to do as we please. And again please note, I am not forcing anyone to do as I wish but defending those who wish to do as they wish.
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