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I did not see a .357sig tested in the links you posted. I did see a .40S&W tested...and if you noticed it did indeed perform better through the glass. Not only did it hit much closer to the point of aim than the 9mm but it also penetrated the seat completely. That is very similar to the results my brother-n-law and I got when we did similar tests. The .357sig performed much closer to the .40S&W than it did to the 9mm. We also found that certain bullets held together much better and that when we switched to FMJ ammo that the 9mm would often deflect off the glass. Not sure why.

As for the .357sig or the .40S&W penetrating glass better than a .45acp, I do not think anyone says it does. The benefit of those two rounds over the .45acp is that they perform similarly but allow more rounds to be carried in the same sized gun.
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