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Obake is at 5956 Roswell Road. Which is on the corner of Roswell and Hammond in Sandy Springs.

We have classes seven days a week my friend. We are developing a Judo program also. The gentleman teaching is a former South African champ. He teaches pretty combative stuff.

We are also redesigning our BJJ program. I am working on getting an old school BJJ BB up from Brazil. He is one of the original black belts. AWESOME. BJJ is Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Saturday is a morning class.

We have kali Mon, Weds, and Sunday. Sunday is an afternoon class. This class is headed by an Inasanto and Lucay trained Guru.

And our Thai is Mon, weds, and fri. Taught by the current THAI world middleweight champ, Many Ntoh. He is ranked with Lumpini ratings, not the ISKA crap. And one of only three people to have knockouts with both legs in Lumpini stadium in Thailand.

Our facility is a little over 30,000 square feet. so there is plenty space to train.

If ya wanna come up, hit me with an email! Would love to show you around.

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