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Taxphd, I train at the Obake Fight School, and am on staff at the same. How about you?

If you are law enforcement you should really look into brazilian JJ, or Kali. Or better yet, combine the two. Judo does have chokes, but not to the extent and effectivness of BJJ. As a matter of fact, at my school we are going to be putting a law enforcement program together. It will consist of BJJ, and Kali predominently. We are in the final phases of bringing a man from Brazil by the name of Ricardo Murgel to teach with us. Ricardo is one of the original BJJ black belts. He has been at it for 45 years. He is also the lead trainer for the brazilian police. And he is the brazilian state quick draw pistol champ.

Aikido is good when you have been at it for a long time. And it is still based on a lot of tradition. Not something that is going to help you on the street.

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