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357 Sig and auto glass and bodies

One of the comments I've heard (and read) many times over the last few years was that one reason for the .357 Sigs existence, or a reason in favor of it, was that it penetrates auto glass and bodies better than other rounds or where other rounds do not. I don't think there is any truth to this and if someone knows different please let me know.

I've never seen a problem with most rounds these days penetrating auto or truck glass or bodies unless the motor for the windows was struck. I've personally seen 9mm standard velocity ball ammo penetrate through two doors. I've seen it penetrate windshields. I've seen 230 gr. Hydra Shok .45acp penetrate truck windshield glass and through the trunk of a car. The old 38 Super was promoted for it's capabilities to penetrate the steel bodies of 1930 Fords and Buicks. Todays flimsy bodies prove no barrier to the older round.

So seems to me the idea that the .357 Sig does it better than 100% is somewheres off. Am I wrong here? If not maybe the false idea that the .357 Sig does better at this than the .45 or the 40 or the .38 Super can be laid to rest.

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